Getting Agile at School

Approaches to encourage learner ownership and self-regulation using Agile principles.

Educators gather in Switzerland to evolve Agile Learning for future students Educators gather in Switzerland to evolve Agile Learning for future students

Scrum Alliance®, a global professional membership and certification association representing Scrum and Agile practitioners who are transforming the world of work, today announced Agile Education Gathering: Switzerland, taking place July 27–29 in …

Designed to Float your Boat

STEAM projects provide an excellent avenue for student engagement and excellence through student choice, buy-in and challenge.

Pulling Agile into Education

Our school is pulling agile into education. Now three years in, here’s a snippet of our journey, highlighting the multiple paths we’ve been moving along and where we hope to go in the coming years.

Robot Gardener

An interview with Daniel Patton (science) and Bill Tihen (IT) who joined forces to create a course that includes both their interests—biology and electronics. The basic task for students? Build a terrarium that will support a healthy garden, but make …

Introducing EDgility

Education can be enhanced with an Agile mindset.

Agile in Education at Leysin American School

Principles to empower students, make learning visible and to create lifelong learners. An audio interview by Howard Sublett of AgileAmped Podcast.

Agile Classrooms in the Alps

LAS began planning in 2014-2015 for the opening of a middle school (grades 7 and 8) in Fall 2016. Twenty-five educators attended John’s Agile Classroom Workshop.